Fairytale Fraud
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Everyone struggles

This is the message we're hoping to spread with our new book series and resources. 

Fairytale Fraud lets kids know that

struggle is normal

and helps you help them through it. 

Books you'll want to read!

Fairytale Fraud stories get kids talking
Fairytale Fraud stories get kids talking
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With over 10,000 downloads and 350 5-star reviews on Amazon, lots of nice things have been said about Fairytale Fraud stories! These are more than just fun books. They are tools for emotional well-being. 

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"Everyone needs a playful way of approaching life and Katie knows how to keep it fun and just what helps us with our emotional growth and mindset. Simply awesome!."
- Jenny Hale, Senior Family Coach and Presenter, Parenting Place

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"Really the whole story is very clever! The talking points at the end are helpful. It is a good neutral way to start discussions with our kids."
- Mother of Two

"The author and illustrators have produced something unique, that both teaches and entertains."
- Former teacher and school principal. 

The story is just the beginning

From classroom guides to conversation starters, our website is stacked with fun fairytale themed social and emotional learning resources. 

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Coping with Change Meal Mat

Helping kids 'bounce back'

Puss N Boots

At Fairytale Fraud, we want to help you help kids cope with struggle.

Delve into one of our fairy tale retellings and open a hearty conversation! Packaged in a fun and
non-preachy way, each story:

  • Supports social emotional learning

  • Gets kids thinking and chatting

  • Promotes a growth mindset

  • Helps kids cope with struggle

Every topic grows emotional intelligence, social and emotional learning, or is identified in the Penn Resilience programme.