Fairytale Fraud

Prepare kids for life

Everyone struggles, right?

Your favourite fairy tale characters certainly do!

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Fairytale Fraud shows kids that

struggle is normal

and helps you

help them through it. 

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Each clever fairy tale retelling tackles a different life skill. Topics include:

  • Asking for help

  • Healthy conflict

  • Coping with change

  • Listening to others

  • Considering others

  • Appreciating what you have

  • Getting on with tasks

  • Online safety and popularity

  • Wise trust

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Drawing on research on emotional intelligences, social and emotional learning, and resilience, the Fairytale Fraud stories were crafted to help kids grow life skills.

  • They are messages we want our kids to have. 

  • They help kids see that struggle is part of life. 

  • They get kids chatting about the important stuff. 

  • They are fun and memorable! 

Puss N Boots

Life throws up challenges...

Why parents love these books:

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What others are saying...

The Fairytale Fraud stories have had over 10,000 downloads and 350 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

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You may have seen them on WHAT NOW? or heard them on Suzy Cato's YouTube Channel. If you haven't, check out Recipe for Disaster here.

"Everyone needs a playful way of approaching life and Katie knows how to keep it fun and just what helps us with our emotional growth and mindset. Simply awesome!."
- Jenny Hale, Senior Family Coach and Presenter, Parenting Place

"Really the whole story is very clever! The talking points at the end are helpful. It is a good neutral way to start discussions with our kids."
- Mother of Two

"The author and illustrators have produced something unique, that both teaches and entertains."
- Former teacher and school principal. 

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Some of the enthusiastic reviews

Keep conversations going...

The stories are just the beginning! Alongside the books, there are a host of fairy tale themed resources to keep kids interested in social and emotional learning.

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Examples of extra resources:

  • Classroom guides

  • Fairytale journals

  • Printable templates

  • Printable activities

  • 'Monthly Missions'

Meet the creator...

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Mum, author, parenting ally, mental health enthusiast, and founder of Fairytale Fraud, Katie Pye is a playful New Zealander, driven to make the world a better place by supporting families. 

She'd love to hear from you!