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Katie Pye's reward is knowing you've benefited ...

As a busy mother of three, Fairytale Fraud author, Katie Pye, is driven by creating moments of reflection, laughter and insight for you and your child. She considers these the 'gold' of parenting. 

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An easy, no fuss, monthly focus to keep your family learning!

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If we've helped create a meaningful moment for you and your child, please keep us encouraged by sharing your moment with us.


You can use the form provided or email Katie directly. She loves to hear from her readers. 

Who is This 'Katie Pye?'

Katie Pye is actually a pen name!


Katie Pye is a play on the words ‘ke tei pai’, meaning ‘I feel great’ in the indigenous language of New Zealand. 'Katy-Pie' was also a childhood nickname for Katie, given by her five siblings!

Katie started writing for her own eager children and soon discovered that she had inherited the 'knack' for writing from her award-winning author-mother.


Katie, who has lived in three continents while writing her Fairytale Fraud series, now writes everywhere. 


  • On an architectural dig in Israel? Yes!

  • In the subway in Paris? Yes!

  • While hiking in Morocco? Yes!

  • While mountain biking in her beachside town of Kaiteriteri? Yes! 

      (although she stops to write it down)


Katie now lives in Nelson, the sunniest part of New Zealand, and spends lovely long days soaking up the sun in her sunroom office sleuthing out Fairytale Frauds.