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Creating conversation about self concept

Being the same has it's downsides...

Follow the quirky and loveable, Ruffio Rumblow, as he helps the Ankers use their differences to save their town from their rivals, the Skiddledorfs. 

'The Ruffio Day!' is a great launch into conversation about self concept and the gift of being you! 

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MORE ABOUT 'The Ruffio Day'

"The Ankers all muttered and tittered and tutted,

and sometimes they scolded or shouted or spluttered.

But deep down they pondered and jealously muttered,

for being the same left them frowning and flustered.

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Buy e-book (soon)
Buy print book (soon)

While the Angelo Ankers were famous for being the same, they secretly disliked it.


Now, faced with the possibility of losing their town, the Ankers have no choice but to get help from the quirky individual, Ruffio. What on earth does he have in mind?

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Story Extras

Boost your conversation about 'The Ruffio Day!' and being yourself by:

READING The Angelo Ankers Journal (beware spoiler alert!)

CREATING a 'Learn About Me!' Poster

CREATING fingerprint art

DISCUSSING questions to keep the conversation going

DEBATE some fun questions

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Like fresh ideas on how to get the most out of chatting with your kids?


Check out our resources and tools section.

READ: Fairytale Journal by King Dumpty

READ:  The Mayor of Anker's Writes! (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

The Ankers finally embraced difference ... 


But to be different, they needed to accept and appreciate differences. Find out what the Mayor of Anker was thinking and feeling and how he helped himself and his town. 

Create Learn About Me Poster

CREATE: 'Learn about ME!' Poster

Do some detective work! 

Knowing ourselves has a great advantage - we can look after ourselves better! We can also appreciate who we are and have better relationships. 

Use Ruffios' 'All About ME' Poster, or make one of your own, and start describing yourself!

Get clues from what you liked before

It is a great idea to get to know yourself - likes, dislikes, reactions, preferences, skills, values, priorities, learning styles, background, family, experiences, dreams, hopes, talents and more. We can try and understand if we are an introvert or extrovert; how we learn best; what gives us energy; what situations we try to avoid; what makes us feel different emotions e.g. excitement, anger, guilt; or what our normal mood is. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and lots of advantages to getting to know ourselves well. Take the time to get to know yourself well, because then you can:

  • bask in our uniqueness; 

  • better design dreams for our future;

  • care for ourselves better; and

  • have richer relationships by bring honesty about ourselves. 

  • So how would you describe yourself?

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DISCUSS Change questions

DISCUSS: Questions to keep conversations going

Pick a question and get talking!

  • What is something about yourself you haven't really noticed in others. 

  • Who is someone you think is most like you, and how are they different

  • What is something you like or dislike about yourself? 

  • What is something you think is quirky about you?

  • What do you feel thankful for about yourself?

  • What do you like to do when things are tricky? 

  • Is there someone you think is good at being Ruffio? Do we all need to be Ruffio?

  • What would life look like if everyone was the same? Imagine together!

  • What is a way you would like to be different that you haven't been able to? 

  • Are there any differences about you that you are worried about?

  • If you were a Queen/King for the day, what would you do?

  • What would you like to grow in, and how can I help?

  • What do you see as uniquely you? 

  • Do you value your uniqueness?

  • What were the challenges of being the same? 

  • Where do you think you conform? Where do you think you are different?

  • What was the value of being different?

  • What would have happened if Ruffio hadn’t saved the day. 

  • What do you know right now that you don’t like - and that’s just you!

  • What’s the most Ruffio thing you have done? Ask an adult what

  • What types of things should we NOT have a Ruffio Day about

  • What are some of the rules around being ourselves?

  • What do you think it was like for the Ankers coping with someone who was so different. Do you have that challenge with anyone?

  • Do you value your uniqueness?

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Pick a debate topic and get talking!

  • Life would be easier if we were all the same

  • It is wrong to want to be like other people

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