Breaking News!

With change-fearing King Dumpty as their leader, the bored eggs of Eggsville drag their way through mundane days.


That is, until Humpty Dumpty falls off a wall.  

As rumours of the event spread throughout Eggsville, an anxious King Dumpty tries hard to keep Humpty's fall a secret.

Breaking News is a fun retelling of the Humpty Dumpty story and a great way to start a conversation about coping through change. 

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Follow King Dumpty's journey as he learns to cope with change

MORE ABOUT Breaking News

"We wont change a thing!

 We are safe as we are!

 It's helped us

      and served us

           and saved us this far."

Fairytale Fraud: Breaking News!


Fairytale Fraud: Breaking News!
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'But secret's like this

are great trouble to hide,

and soon Humpty's fall

is BIG gossip outside.' 

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Boost your conversation about 'Breaking News!' and change by:

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The Fairy Tale Fraud books are quickly becoming my favorites! All of these stories, including this one, flow so well, I love reading them. They are so nostalgic and it’s so fun to hear the different perspective!. 

    - Ashly C, verified review

I LOVE this "behind the scenes" look at what REALLY happened to Humpty! What a fun tale of evolving and being true to who you are. The rhymes were fabulous!

    - Amber, verified review

WOW! I love this story! What a delightful read! The twist in this story is so unexpected yet in hindsight, I'm wondering why I've never questioned the original tale to see the potential for a sequel. I don't even have children to share this with but I am so glad that I read this! It's so wonderfully written and illustrated, but the message is what really grabbed me. So inspiring!

    - Christina, verified review

When you read fairytale's with a twist, well they still seem to be pretty formulaic, doing the same old twist usually. But Breaking News is refreshing. It surprised and delighted me. So clever, why had this take on the Humpty Dumpty tale never entered my mind before? 

    - James N Simpson verified review

This fun comedic spin on the old nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, was a great find! Not only are the rhyming verses well-written but the story cleverly incorporates mindfulness, inclusion, adopting change, and becoming self-confident in our differences. Great for children and adults alike!

    - Toby Williams, verified review


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