Dressed in the best!

Follow Emperor Boxham's journey

as he learns to listen to others!

Enter and WIN!

Design a pair of underwear for Boxham's Finest fashions and you could win a print copy of 'Dressed in the Best!'

Grab your printable entry here and upload your masterpiece by September 24th on our Facebook page here. There's even a separate competition for adults!

The winning entries will be selected by award-winning NZ author, Janet Slater Wallis. Good luck!

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Know someone who is ALWAYS right?

Emperor Boxham is ALWAYS right ... even when he is wrong!


So when others try to convince him he is wearing just underwear, he refuses to believe anyone but himself.


In his stubbornness, the Emperor creates more hilarious and humiliating moments, until his resourceful staff decide they need to risk action. 

Will he finally see what they see?

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MORE ABOUT 'Dressed in the Best'


“You’re wearing no clothes!” blurted out a stunned child.

The Emperor spun round, incredibly wild.

He glared at the boy, “Don’t speak rubbish to me!

I know what I'm wearing - that clearly can't be!"

The stubborn Emperor refuses to believe others advice that he is parading in underwear, and instead sets about launching his line of clothing, opening a store to sell it, and sending his 'clothing' as gifts to his the royals.

This can't go on! But how can his staff get the Emperor to listen, when he refuses to believe anyone could be right but him?

'Dressed in the Best' is a hilarious story with laugh out loud illustrations that will help you get started naturally on a great conversation about taking advice and lifelong learning.

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Check out our 'Resources' section for general tips for getting more out of conversations with your kids. 


Emperor Boxham's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - read the story first!)

Find out how Emperor Boxham's shock changed his thinking

Emperor Boxham started thinking more helpfully after writing down his thoughts and feelings. You can read his processing in his Fairytale Journal. 


Emperor Boxham's 'Tips for being a learner'

Let yourself be a learner...like Emperor Boxham did.

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Create a reward chart for learning!

Motivate yourself into moving!

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Rewards keep us moving! Work out what motivates you, and keep yourself moving by setting some fun rewards.

Check out our story Ready for Rescue? and learn about procrastination and the value of getting on with it. You can download Rapunzel's Reward Chart Template on the Ready for Rescue? page by clicking here


Questions to keep conversations going

  • What do you think would happen next if the Emperor still didn't listen?

  • Do you think everyone can learn anything? Why/why not?

  • What is something you would like to learn more about?

  • How can we help other people when they are learning?

  • How do you want to be helped when you are learning?

  • What do you think it means to be a life long learner?

  • Is it wrong to be wrong?

  • Is there something you have tried to learn and feel like it is too difficult?

  • What things help you learn better? 

  • If you could be really good at one thing, what would you choose?


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