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Dressed in the  Best!

Emperor Boxham is ALWAYS right ... even when he is wrong!


So when others try to convince him he is wearing just underwear, he refuses to believe anyone but himself.

The stubborn Emperor sets about launching his line of clothing, opening a store to sell it, and sending his 'clothing' as gifts to his the royals. This can't go on!

A hilarious retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes with laughs on every page. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ material encourages children to listen and learn.   

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Follow Emperor Boxham's journey

as he learns he isn't always right!


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"Staff, go find those tailors!

        Have more of this made!

Then plan a great banquet

        where they'll be displayed."

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There is nothing funnier than to watch a know it all be proven wrong. If you like traditional fairy tales, you'll love the spin placed on this book!!!! Complete with rhymes and lessons -this is a great read!!!!

     - Icia Ragsdale, verified review

This book is great for teaching kids to listen to others, be open to other people's perspectives, and admit when they are wrong. My 9 year old read it on his own and laughed. Very funny!

     - L. Dwyer, verified review

My daughter and I giggled throughout the entire story. The rhymes are really fun and well-written. This is one we will read again and again! Love it!

     - Andi Ketch, verified review

As a tutor, my students will love reading it! It’s the kind of page-turner story that inspires children to learn with ease. Great job!

     - Gina Wileman, verified review

I love Fairytale Fraud books, but I think this on is my new favorite. I laughed out loud several times at the hilarious words and illustrations. Readers of all ages are going to find this refreshing retelling amusing. The rhythm and rhyme work so well in this wonderful story—I cannot wait to share it with my students!

     - M.E.A, verified review


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From hearty questions to fairytale journals, printables to activity ideas, each Fairytale Fraud story is accompanied by a host of resources to keep kids talking! 

Get more discussion going on being a lifelong learner by enjoying our resources.