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Thank you for visiting my website. Just like my book, Sleeping Beauty's Sadness, it is draft.

If you would like to download your free copy of Sleeping Beauty's Sadness, you can do so here

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Sleeping Beauty's Sadness doesn't speak to the tragedy in New Zealand. In fact any reference to it is purposely excluded.


Instead, it provides an entertaining way of touching on the topic of sadness and grief with your children. In the coming weeks and months, all of us processing this and I hope this will help. 

Why Am i doing this?

My husband is an immigrant to New Zealand. Throughout high school, my best friend was a practicing Muslim. Pre-children, I spent many wonderful years working at RMS Refugee Resettlement.

Like all New Zealanders, I ache at the injustice and the tragedy. I am doing this both because I have to do something. I am doing this also because I believe it will benefit NZ children in their sadness and grief. 


Some of you may be curious about HeadStart Thinking. This is not the time. Later this year, I will be launching a number of stories designed to help parents and children talk about important topics, which explains how Sleeping Beauty's Sadness was sitting in production. I hastily liased with parents, teachers, psychologists to improve the draft and my gracious illustrator completed concept drawings within a week.