Fairytale Fraud stories get kids talking
Fairytale Fraud stories get kids talking



Build mental well-being in schools and homes, while raising funds!

An easy, no fuss, fundraiser with ready to use promotional material and well-loved content.

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The Fairytale Fraud series is a well-received collection of fairytale retellings that get kids talking about important life topics.  

Each Fairytale Fraud book is themed around a well-being (hauora) concept e.g. gratitude, managing conflict, coping with change. Each comes with classroom resources, so schools can choose to reinforce the well-being themes alongside the fundraiser.  

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'Collaboration between teachers, parents, students and the wider community is key to developing a mentally healthy school.'

- Mentally Healthy Schools Guidelines.

"This book is a joy to read, with cute, appealing illustrations and a rhyme scheme that's incredibly catchy and well-written." 

     - Amazon.com; 

Trip Trap Trouble - 

Breaking News.png

"As an educator, I really enjoyed the witty, playful and lyrical writing and illustrations...and prompts so students can delve deeper into the themes. Refreshing."

- Amazon.com, Breaking News! - 


The fundraiser is simple to implement and low stress for organisers.


Schools and NGO's get exclusive access to the Fairytale Fraud books at a heavily discounted rate, enabling them to set their own price, on-sell the books, and retain the profits themselves.

Example school - NZ dollars

Unit Cost per Book:              $10

RRP                                    $20

School Sale price*:              $15

School Sales:                      100 books sold

Total Fundraising:                $500

* Schools can set their own prices. If they priced to the RRP the profit would be $1000 for 100 books.

"Kids and adults alike will find this book inspiring, absorbing and, most importantly, fun!"

- Amazon.com, Jack's Giant Problem - 

"What a wonderful clever way to teach lessons! This is an adorable book with beautiful artwork. I wish this had been around when my children were little! I will be back for more!"

- Amazon.com, Sibling Wars - 


1. It's easy! Get advance copies of the books and resources, so you can create a classroom buzz about the fundraiser.


2. Choose your own prices, incentives and method of payment (we encourage online), and plan how you might use this to promote well-being across the school.

3. Promote the fundraiser to your school community using the provided online and printable promotional resources e.g. book trailers, as well as fun family or classroom challenge suggestions. 

4. Submit your school order and payment and receive and distribute the books! 


5. Follow up the well-being messages with the provided online resources, and help your school community into great well-being while raising money for your school!

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Example book: Trip Trap Trouble

TTT lookinside

"As a teacher, I find it to be a great classroom literature resource for various ages studying poetry, fairytales and folklore, learning to write alternate endings and exploring underlying themes, such as gratitude." 

     - Amazon.com;

Trip Trap Trouble - 

What if the whole school were growing gratitude at the same time?

'Trip Trap Trouble' is an Amazon Best Seller, teaching a fun and memorable message about gratitude. Sharing 'Trip Trap Trouble' across classrooms lends itself to a host of school-wide activities or competitions, encouraging mindfulness and reflection, creating gratitude lists, and encouraging kids to show gratitude. 


Students need not own the books to be able to bring these messages of gratitude and the extra story resources into their homes, but the fundraiser allows families that option.


The fundraiser also exposes families to the Fairytale Fraud Monthly Missions, which highlight a well-being topic for a month. Families might choose to use the daily opt-in resources to help grow their children's well-being. 

Practicing gratitude has been scientifically proven to make us happier. It is motivating to think all this could come from one fundraiser! 


A Fairytale Fraud Fundraiser gets great books into kids hands while raising money! It ticks so many boxes!

  • Fun - the series is super fun. Kids love it and activity ideas abound!

  • Community - get a great buzz going about well-being. 

  • Funding - generates a good level of funding with minimal effort. 

  • Autonomy - you set your own price and roll it out your way. 

  • Delivers - helps meet the Guidelines for Mentally Healthy Schools.

Author Katie Pye is less concerned about profiting from her investment and more concerned about getting the material out there. With three kids of her own, and passionate about families, she wants kids and schools to thrive. 

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"With well done rhyme and silly illustrations, this story is sure to be a favorite!"

- Amazon.com,

Dressed in the Best! - 

"My son was completely engrossed in this story and even loved answering the questions at the end with me." 

     - Amazon.com; 

 Ready for Rescue? - 


Since launching in early 2020, the Fairytale Fraud stories have been downloaded over 10,000 times on Amazon with over 200 glowing reviews (95% 5-star) from parents, teachers and practitioners. 

Coping with Change Meal Mat

      You can see the series on Amazon here.

Alongside each Fairytale Fraud story, there are additional resources to keep kids interested in the well-being conversation. These resources are included in the back of the books and on the website. 

      An example of material for Ready for Rescue is here.

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As a mum of three, Katie is driven to help kids access mental well-being messages in meaningful and memorable ways. She has invested over three years and significant money creating Fairytale Fraud materials and is now progressively launching them, keen to see them reach her enthusiastic fans! 

      You can read more about Katie by clicking here. 

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Interested in this fundraising initiative?

We need to register eight schools/NGOs before we have confidence to proceed with the large-volume print runs that make this initiative possible.


If you are tentatively interested for 2020 or 2021, you can go on the wait list by completing the short and non-obligation survey below. We will have a cap on our yearly fundraisers, so be in fast!  

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"My kids and I agree, everything about Breaking News is fun and exciting." 

     - Amazon.com; Breaking News - 

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