Sleeping Beauty: The Lost Years

When our family heard about the mosque shootings in NZ in May 2019, we were deeply grieved. This book was quickly completed in colouring-in format to provide a conversation starter for parents wanting to help their children understand healthy grief.  

Free copies of Sleeping Beauty - The Lost Years are still available here . 

Arohanui (love), 

Katie Pye

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How does a KID's book help?

Child psychologists and counsellors often use books to connect children in conversation. 'The Lost Years' will help you engage your younger children on the topic of grief, with extra resources included in the back to keep the conversation going. 


In the wake of a tragic mosque shooting in New Zealand, everyone wants to pour out their aroha, their love. This is my way of pouring out aroha. 

Why is it black and white?

This book was in draft and unillustrated when the Christchurch attack happened. Anastasia Belik and I have worked super hard to get it to you. 

Adding colour takes months for us, but not for your kids! You kids are invited to colour and submit their drawings and perhaps I can cobble together a coloured children's version from their contributions. At the very least I'll send them a 'thank-you' message. 

Anastasia is busy colouring the other books in my series, so a fully-coloured version and paperback of 'The Lost Years' is not scheduled for release in the immediate future. 

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What ARE the Fairytale journals?

Oh, this is fun! Every main character in my upcoming Fairytale Fraud series writes a short reflection or journal explaining what they learnt from their experiences during the story. The Fairytale Journals are a chance for kids to see different journaling methods in practice, and the value of journaling to get healthier thinking. 

The journal Sleeping Beauty's Wisdom is referred to in 'The Lost Years' and can be accessed here. It is best to read it after the story.


Can I contact Katie?

Oh yes please! I love hearing from kids (and parents too, of course!). 'The Lost Years' was very draft just a few weeks ago, so I also welcome feedback to make it stronger. Anastasia would love to hear what you think of her characters, and I'll happily pass that feedback on. And of course, I would love to see your kids' coloured masterpieces.

Who is KatIe PyE?

Despite Katy Pie being my childhood nickname, I'm still getting used to using a variation of it as a writing name! 


My actual name is Kate. I started creating a Fairytale Fraud series in 2016, when our globetrotting lifestyle made traditional work harder to access. I've been stockpiling these stories, and now have 12 fun stories clamouring for launch. It's sort of like giving birth ;). 


I am currently based in Germany, but home is Kaiteriteri, in the South Island of beautiful New Zealand, where my family and I enjoy every active and adventurous activity possible! My wonderful children are now 12, 10, and 8 years old, and their antics give me lots of fodder for story content!