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If you want hilarious stories and engaging resources 

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In a non-preachy way, the Fairytale Fraud stories allow kids to see that their favourite character's struggle with life, just like we all do. 

With over 250 reviews on Amazon, 96% 5-star, parents, teachers and practitioners highly rating this fun new series.

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Lead into important conversations...naturally. 

Fairytale Fraud: The Cooking Disaster!
  • Each fun story book naturally sparks a different conversation on a different well-being topic.

  • Each book includes an engaging 'Behind the Scenes' section, providing conversation starters and activity ideas to keep kids chatting.

  • There are even more materials and activities for each book on the book website pages. These are best viewed after reading the story as they contain spoilers.

  • Our Resources section has general parenting resources, including suggestions for making the most out of conversation with kids.

Fairytale Fraud: Sibling Wars

Parents, teachers, librarians and children highly rate the series, describing the books as 'highly entertaining', 'something unique', 'completely awesome', 'a great resource', 'playful humour', 'unexpected twists', 'delightful pictures' and more.

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