Follow Rapunzel's journey as she learns to get on with unwanted tasks. 

Think you've seen messy?

Join the inexperienced witch as she bungles her way through one of the hardest parenting challenges - kid's mess! Perhaps this book will save you from resorting to her methods! 

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Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 12.50.41 PM

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Ready for Rescue
Ready for Rescue

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MORE ABOUT 'Ready for Rescue?'

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“Rapunzel, my child,

see this terrible state?

It’s really unhealthy!

You must get this straight!”

After enduring morning to night mess for years on end, the frustrated witch packs her bags and makes to leave.


Alas, sweet-faced Rapunzel uses her newfound freedom to take her messiness to new extremes, and locks the witch out of the tower. The ultimate parenting challenge! But perhaps the pesky prince can help...

'Ready for Rescue?' is a hilarious story with laugh out loud illustrations that will help you get started naturally on a great conversation about healthy habits and procrastination.

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Check out our 'Refresh your ideas!' section for general activity ideas and tips for getting more out of conversations with your kids. 


Rapunzel's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Find out how Rapunzel's thinking changed

Rapunzel started thinking more helpfully after writing down her thoughts and feelings. You can read her processing in her Fairytale Journal. 


Rapunzel's 'Tips for Getting More from a Day'

Find extra time in your day...

By following these tips, Rapunzel found that she could get on with all her tasks AND have time to 'laze about'. 


Create a reward chart

Motivate yourself into moving...


Imagine if Rapunzel had rewarded herself with a calming foot soak every time she finished brushing her hair? Or what if she took 10 minutes reading her favourite book when she finished the dishes?

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Rewards keep us moving! Work out what motivates you, and get yourself moving. You can use Rapunzel's Reward Chart Template, or you can make one of your own. 


Questions to keep conversations going

  • What is your least favourite chore?

  • What are some of the upsides for your least favourite chore?

  • Do you think you have any unhealthy habits?

  • Are there any boring tasks you don't see upsides for?

  • Have you got any ideas for making boring tasks fun?

  • Have you ever regretted not 'getting on with it'? 

  • What do you think when other's don't care about their hygiene?

  • What would life be like if you could only ever do boring tasks?

  • How could you reward yourself for getting on with tasks you don't like?

  • Have you got any suggestions for how I can help you 'get on with it'?

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 ** DO NOT read this section unless you've enjoyed the story first! **

Meet Rapunzel's hero! Rapunzel was delighted to be rescued by an incredibly brave young knight. See how she got her bravery in: 

'Shoes to Shine' - see a different side of Puss N Boots while starting a conversation about growing self-confidence. 

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Meet the witch! After a long search for Rapunzel, the lonely witch shifted into a cottage in the wood. You can meet her there in:

Sibling Wars! - start a conversation about managing conflict and meet quarrelsome Hansel and Gretel!

The Thoughtless Thief - discuss the importance of thinking about others and follow Jack's journey up and down and up the beanstalk. 

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