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Sibling Wars

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Follow Hansel and Gretel's journey as they learn healthy conflict

When Hansel and Gretel's exhausted parents sent their fighting children outside, they couldn't have guessed what would happen next! A forbidden forest, a gingerbread house, a feverish witch, a case of mistaken identity, and an unusual rescue plan ... 

But best of all, a much calmer household!

Created for all those exasperated parents out there, 'Sibling Wars' is a great launch into a conversation about healthy conflict.


A look, or a word,

    or just standing too near.

A touch of a toy,

    or a tease, or a jeer,

then Hansel and Gretel would break into fight, 

and neither would stop, both protesting, “I’m right!”

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This book is so much fun and has a helpful lesson baked in about the importance of working through sibling controversy in a constructive way. 

    - Kate Pet, verified review

Since I have a little brother, the bickering in this one was particularly comical and relatable. I love the suggestions at the end on how to apply the moral of the story to your own life - really practical stuff that I wish I would have known about as a kid, but it's also very valuable advice for anyone, adults included.

    - Christine, verified review

There are a lot of rhyming books out there but not many of them are good. This one is! The rhymes are not forced and flow nicely in the story. The talking points at the end of the book create a nice opportunity for discussion.

    - MS, verified review

This is the second book I read from the Fairytale Fraud series and all I can say is, "I want more!"
What an awesome way to retell fairy tales... with rhyme, a twist, and a subtle lesson to be learned!
The book comes also with "behind the scenes" materials, discussion prompts and guides, perfect to start a discussion with the children and give them a chance to get more out of the story. Thumbs up!

    - E.A, verified review


Sibling Wars! Managing Conflict

From hearty questions to fairytale journals, printables to activity ideas, each Fairytale Fraud story is accompanied by a host of resources to keep kids talking! 

Get more discussion going on healthy conflict by enjoying our resources.