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Story Extras
A Wolf in Disguise

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Chat more about the online world with:

Would you like more ideas? Check out our general ideas in our 'Resources' section.


Prince Zac's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Find out how Prince Zac's thinking changed

Prince Zac started thinking more helpfully after jotting down his thoughts and feelings. You can read her processing in her Fairytale Journal. 


Rapunzel's 'Tips for Getting More from a Day'

Find extra time in your day...

By following these tips, Rapunzel found that she could get on with all her tasks AND have time to 'laze about'. 


Create a reward chart

Motivate yourself into moving...


Imagine if Rapunzel had rewarded herself with a calming foot soak every time she finished brushing her hair? Or what if she took 10 minutes reading her favourite book when she finished the dishes?

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Rewards keep us moving! Work out what motivates you, and get yourself moving. You can use Rapunzel's Reward Chart Template, or you can make one of your own. 


Questions to keep conversations going

  • Share openly and honestly with these questions:

  • Do you think you have good trust instincts?

  • What is an example of when you have trusted someone and it has gone wrong?

  • Have you ever lost someone’s trust, and what did you do about it?

  • Do you find it easy to trust people or hard to trust people?

  • What do you need to trust someone again after they have broken your trust? 

  • How do you try and gain someone’s trust?

  • Are there any relationships where you find it hard to trust at the moment?

  • What things do you struggle to trust me with and what makes you trust me more? Less?

  • Do people think you are trustworthy? Why? Who do you think you are a trustworthy friend to? Why?

  • Do you trust yourself?

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Learn more: Debate the Topic

  • If we can trust people with small things, we can trust them with big things.

  • Trust always needs to be earned

  • If we really forgave someone, we would forget what they did. 

  • Saying sorry means someone is sorry

  • Trustworthy people look trustworthy

  • It is never ok to break a promise or lie. 

You might not agree an answer. That’s ok! The goal is to open conversation, hear different perspectives, learn more and most of all, to grow a stronger relationship.

Activity Ideas

  • Family agreement for keeping safe: 
    Work with your family to agree a Family Agreement for keeping safe. Some ideas for what that might include are later in this book. 

  • Make a Trust Prompter 
    Create something that reminds you to trust wisely, including the wise trust test. Make sure you put it somewhere you see it often!

  • Lead your child around blindfolded. Make it more fun by taking them over obstacles or even bumping them into soft objects. Swap over!

  • Play acting: 
    Have fun acting out different scenarios around trusting wisely, rebuilding trust, or saying a good sorry. 

  • While you are learning, let yourself be a learner.