Creating conversation about grief and sadness and social media

Waking to find a screen addicted prince in her bedroom was shock enough. Now Sleeping Beauty has to adjust to the idea that 100 years have passed...and she isn't happy about it.


If only she knew why...

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MORE ABOUT 'The Lost Years'

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"I felt this huge ache and I finally see

 I'm mad 'cause I'm sad,

      and as sad as can be."

When a social media-addicted prince discovers a palace of sleeping royals, he posts his discovery on social media. Soon every TV channel in the world is covering the news, while the Prince's 'Sleepers TV' has gone viral.


While most of the royals embrace their exciting step into the future, Sleeping Beauty doesn't. And as Prince Jack relishes his growing fame, Sleeping Beauty finds herself experiencing sadness she can't explain.

Journey with Sleeping Beauty as she works through her sadness and Prince Jack as he comes to realise what is most important. 

'The Lost Years' is a light-hearted story that will kickstart a healthy conversation about sadnessgrief and social media use


Story Extras

Chat more about grief and social media use by:

READING Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Journal (beware spoiler alert!)

READING Prince Jack's Fairytale Journal (beware spoiler alert!)

CREATING a Mood-Switch Chart

DISCUSSING Questions to keep the conversation going

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Check out our resources and tools section for general tips for getting more out of conversations with your kids. 



READ:  Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Journal

(spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Sleeping Beauty needed to understand why she was sad before she could leave her sadness behind. You can read about her thinking in her Fairytale Journal:


READ:  Prince Jack's Fairytale Journal

(spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Prince Jack didn't think much about his choices until it all went wrong! Read his Fairytale Journal, where he works out what he had been thinking and why it didn't help. 



CREATE: Mood Switches!

It's important to listen to our feelings...


Our feelings are an important message. Sleeping Beauty learnt that it helps to work out what we are feeling and why, but she also worked out that sometimes it's helpful to step ourselves into a different mood. How do you do that? Mood switches! See Sleeping Beauty's Mood Switches and then use her template to make a Mood Switch Chart of your own!



DISCUSS: Questions to keep conversations going

Here are some question ideas to get you started:


Grief and sadness:​​

  • Is there anything you are finding hard at the moment that you would like to talk about?

  • What helps you cope with sadness?

  • Is there someone in your life that might be feeling sad that you can help? 

  • One of the ideas to help is saying a 'goodbye' to what you had. Is there a goodbye I can help you with?

Social media:

  • Why do you think people like being 'liked' on social media?

  • What do you think being 'too involved' in social media might look like?

  • What is the downside of getting 'too involved' on social media?

  • Have you got anyone in your life that you feel is 'too involved' in social media?

  • What ideas do you have to keep safe online?

  • Do you think our rules around device use are fair in our family?

  • From your perspective do we (guardian) spend too much time on the phone?

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