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The big bad wolf is BACK!

Can the three little pigs escape this time, or will they end up as his dinner!

Talk to kids about wise trust with this nail biting Three Little Pigs retelling. Inspire them with the creative illustrations by the first child illustrator in our Inspiring Illustrators series. 

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Follow the three little pigs as they learn to trust wisely!

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Have you been admiring the illustrations?


They were created by Phoebe Leenhouwers. Phoebe started illustrating ‘A Wolf in Disguise’ when she was just 12 years old, at the very beginning of Fairytale Fraud. 

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Phoebe is inspiring. She inspires children by showing them that kids can do incredible things when they put their mind to it! 

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Phoebe designed every single page - from choosing what the characters look like, to coming up with creative ideas, to illustrating and laying out each page. Phoebe even learnt how to draw digitally to create the illustrations!

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Watch this space! The Wolf in Disguise is launching in December 2021 and is sure to engage Fairytale Fraud fans. 


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