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Giant Problem

When Jack escapes from the giant’s castle with a magic harp, he leaves a trail of chaos behind him.

Not content with his treasure, Jack heads back up the beanstalk looking for more. But will he have the good fortune to escape again?

'Jack's Giant Problem' is a great hook into a natural conversation about empathy and considering others. 

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Follow Jack's journey as he learns to think about others

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But Jack wanted more,

      so he set out one day, 

"The giant has gold!

      I need beans right away."

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Clever, engaging, skillfully illustrated remake of a classic that kids are sure to enjoy.. 

    - Deb S, verified review

This is another hit for the Fairytale Fraud series! The rhyme is superb and the twist on Jack’s tale is clever. Readers will learn about empathy through this story and the discussion questions and activities at the end. Jack is sure to find a welcome home in classrooms and storytimes..

    - M.E.A, verified review

This is the type of book I like to read to my daughter; not only a story she will enjoy along with the beautiful illustrations, but also a great message of kindness. She asked me to read it twice the first night.

    - Chinitia, verified review

An engaging and imaginative take on "Jack and the Beanstalk"; kids and adults alike will find this book inspiring, absorbing and, most importantly, fun!!

    - Pamela Jane, verified review


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From hearty questions to fairytale journals, printables to activity ideas, each Fairytale Fraud story is accompanied by a host of resources to keep kids talking! 

Get more discussion going about considering others and growin empathy by enjoying our resources. 


SPOILER ALERT - Do not read this section unless you've enjoyed the story first!

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