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  • Trip Trap Trouble (e-book):

  • Ready for Rescue? (e-book):

Other e-books launching on pre-order:

  • Breaking News!:

  • Sibling Wars:

  • Dressed in the Best:

Read about the stories on our book pages. 

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As well as giving out free e-books, I'll run the following competitions for the launch:

  • TRIP TRAP TROUBLE - WIN a GUEST VISIT* to your classroom by Katie Pye, who will share Humpty Dumpty: Breaking News! BEFORE it launches! 

Brainstorm and share your gratitude list and you go in the draw to win! Entries must be submitted here by Friday 13th March 

*skype or in-person, subject to teachers approval. 

  • READY FOR RESCUE - Get your child into a book dedication!

Procrastinating? We've all been there. Show us your 'before' and 'after' photo from 'getting on with it' this week, and go into the draw for your child's name to be included in the dedication of our Sleeping Beauty story about social media and grief, starring Prince Jack who also wants to be famous!  

We will give you two weekends to get your kids moving. Entries must be submitted here by Sunday 15th March 

  • SHARE YOUR MOMENT - Share your moment in the month of March and we will give you another! Go into the draw to win a print copy of Dressed in the Best! - arguably the funniest story Katie Pye has written.

Entries must be submitted here by Sunday 30th March  

  • JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST - Sign up for our email list and you'll go into the draw to win a print copy of Hansel and Gretel: Sibling Wars! - a hilarious story about managing conflict.  

Sign up THIS weekend before Monday 9th March

  • PRE-ORDER an e-book, ping me a picture of your pre-order, and you'll go into the draw to win a print copy of the book you order! 

Entries must be submitted here by Thursday 13th March.  ​



  • NZ-based: To avoid horrendous shipping costs, NZ-based orders can be done here. There will be a delay on delivery as we use your demand to inform what distribution option is best. 

  • Overseas: Trip Trap Trouble and Ready for Rescue? are immediately available in print versions. Use the links below. Print pre-orders were getting complicated, so join our email list here and we will give you first dibs and make a cheaper offer initially. 

    • Trip Trap Trouble (print): ​ADD HERE

    • Ready for Rescue (print): ADD HERE


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