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2. Write an honest review about each book, while it is fresh. (Ideas below)
3. Post your review on Amazon and Goodreads after the book is launched, December 6th. Don't worry! I will send you a reminder email at the time!
4. Then let me know here when your review is uploaded, so I can send your activity booklet printable 'thank you'. 

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Click on the image to download the PDF

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Writing a review is simple ... 

Reviews don't need to be anything too complicated! In fact, some people only write a few words! You might like to comment on the story line, the writing style, the illustrations, or anything else! You might even just want to get a quote from your child!

Here are some examples of reviews about my other books:

This was such a fun book! It taught a good lesson and was short enough to hold the attention of my 8 and almost 2 year-old. Very well done story of the red hen.
Recipe for Disaster, Amazon.com

The reasons the goats crossed the bridge are finally unpacked and we discover that their motives were perhaps a bit petty! Great lessons here!
Trip Trap Trouble, Amazon.com

Such a great story, and helps bring perspective to my kids about their sibling wars ! Love these fairytale fraud series
Sibling Wars, Amazon.com

Please don't give away any story twists!
I'd love my readers to be surprised. 

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How to upload a review

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Note: instead of looking for Recipe for Disaster, you will be looking for The Fame Game and The Wolf in Disguise. ;)

And as a thank you!

As a thankyou for your support with an honest review, I'd love to share with you my newest creation!

Let me know here when you've uploaded your review, and I'll send you this fun PDF printable featuring activities AND Fairytale Fraud memory mottos. 

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