An easy, no fuss, monthly focus to keep your family learning!

Do you want to be more purposeful in helping your kids into great thinking, but struggle for time?

The Fairytale Fraud books were created to help start a conversation.

The Monthly Missions have been created to keep that conversation going!

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Our Monthly Missions allow you to go deeper into a topic, helping children with valuable life- long learning, in a way you can manage. 

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Grow your gratitude attitude!

Harvard researchers have found that being thankful: 

  • helps people feel more positive,

  • enables us to relish good experiences,

  • results in better health,

  • helps us deal with adversity, and

  • helps us build stronger relationships.

Sounds awesome right?


Let's grow an attitude of gratitude in November! 

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How the Monthly Mission Works:

We've created fantastic fairy tale themed material to help families learn together. 

We are experimenting with the best way to deliver this material, so check out this month's Monthly Mission to find out what our latest innovation is! We've had:

  • Daily bite-sized emails. See one here!

  • A fun points challenge

  • Goal setting and rewards charts

  • Activities and printables and other resources


You get to relax...

We want to help busy families go deeper into well-being, while connecting and having fun. The Monthly Missions do this:

  • Go at your own pace

  • Take a whole month to focus on one topic. 

  • Have fun with the kids along the way!

  • Meet the Fairytale Fraud characters again and again

Miss a day

...or lose your way?

That's okay!

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At Fairytale Fraud we know busy parenting! It's our daily experience!


  • Everything in your Monthly Mission is optional.

  • You can pop out and in again at any time.

  • The material is created to engage kids. They may want to do some alone! 

  • The solid content is simple, brief, and easy to share. 

There is nothing quite like a bit of accountability to keep us on track!


Make the Monthly Mission more fun by hitting up your friends and family to do it too! It's fun competing and learning alongside other families. 

Want to have even more fun?

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For those who haven't discovered it yet, the Fairytale Fraud series was developed to start important conversations with kids using fun twists on our favourite fairytales. 


Since launching in early 2020, the Fairytale Fraud stories have been downloaded over 10,000 times on Amazon with over 250 glowing reviews (95% 5-star) from parents, teachers and practitioners. 

Check out our growing series here

Whoops! I've assumed you know the Fairytale Fraud series!

"What a wonderful clever way to teach lessons! This is an adorable book with beautiful artwork. I wish this had been around when my children were little! I will be back for more!"

-, Sibling Wars - 

You can see the series and grab your books on Amazon here.