Choose a focus for your family

Our Fairytale Fraud Missions support you to go deeper into a topic. 

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A learning kit with a difference

Meet the Fairytale Fraud characters again and again with one of our Fairytale Fraud missions. 

Packaged up around different themes, we have a range of fun, family-friendly resources to help you go deeper and reinforce learning. 

It's simple!

  • Go at your own pace

  • Everything in your Fairytale Fraud Mission is optional.

  • You can pop out and in again at any time.

  • The material is created to engage kids. They may want to do some alone! 

  • The solid content is simple, brief, and easy to share. 

What to expect!

We want to help busy families engage deeply on important topics, while connecting and having fun! Each Mission includes:

  • A family challenge

  • Activity sheets and printables

  • Templates and other resources, to make life easier

  • Fairytale themed scenario cards and debate topics

All while meeting your favourite Fairytale Fraud characters again and again!

Check out our mission topics

  • Healthy conflict

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Coping with change

  • Growing humility

  • Asking for help

  • Considering others

  • Ditching procrastination

  • Trusting wisely

  • Popularity/online life

  • Coping with worry

Keep checking! There are more to come!

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Grow your gratitude attitude!

Harvard researchers have found that being thankful: 

  • helps people feel more positive,

  • enables us to relish good experiences,

  • results in better health,

  • helps us deal with adversity, and

  • helps us build stronger relationships.

Sounds awesome right?


Let's grow an attitude of gratitude in November! 

There is nothing quite like a bit of accountability to keep us on track!


Make the Monthly Mission more fun by hitting up your friends and family to do it too! It's fun competing and learning alongside other families. 

Want to have even more fun?

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Help your family grow valuable life-long learning in a focused and fun way.