A Huge Shout out to Our Supporters

These kinds of projects don't happen on their own ... so here are the credits!

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Creative Input

Incredible creatives who have breathed life into the stories:

  • Anastasia, Phoebe, Magnus, Rodrigo, Praise, Simran, Windha, Vikka

Audience Access

Teachers, librarians and principals that gave me access to classrooms, as well as encouragement:

  • Emily, Wendy, Kathy, Glenda, Graham

Professional Input

Counsellors and psychologists who have given feedback or encouragement:

  • Anne, Manuela, Ros, Heike, Drew, Rob

Story Testers

People willing to be guinea pigs and give real honest GOLD feedback:

  • MorganAndrea, Cynthia, Meghan, Katie, SaundersJacquiSharon, Kascha, NatalaStacey, Simran, Kat, Trent


Valued team members who have worked to strengthen the stories:

  • Vicky, Wendy, Kyra, Janet, DA

Fellow Writer sojourners

Writers that have both understood and encouraged:

  • Caroline, Colleen, Hannah, Dionne, Johanna, Aime, Maureen, Vicky, 20 Books for Kids community, Children's Writers and Illustrators community, NZ Indie Authors community


Organisations that have or are coming together to support the material being developed and reaching families:

  • UNICEF NZ, Skylight Trust, Life Education Trust, Little Munich Black Book

General champions

People whose support is so strong, it is palatable:

  • Sam, Fiona, Carolyn, Kyra, Janet