A Huge Shout out to Our Supporters

These kinds of projects don't happen on their own ... so here are the credits!

Creative Input

Incredible creatives who have breathed life into the stories:

  • Anastasia, Phoebe, Magnus, Rodrigo, Praise, Simran, Windha, Vikka

Audience Access

Teachers, librarians and principals that gave me access to classrooms, as well as encouragement:

  • Emily, Wendy, Kathy, Glenda, Graham

Professional Input

Counsellors and psychologists who have given feedback or encouragement:

  • Anne, Manuela, Ros, Heike, Drew, Rob

Story Testers

People willing to be guinea pigs and give real honest GOLD feedback:

  • MorganAndrea, Cynthia, Meghan, Katie, SaundersJacquiSharon, Kascha, NatalaStacey, Simran, Kat, Trent


Valued team members who have worked to strengthen the stories:

  • Vicky, Wendy, Kyra, Janet, DA

Fellow Writer sojourners

Writers that have both understood and encouraged:

  • Caroline, Colleen, Hannah, Dionne, Johanna, Aime, Maureen, Vicky, 20 Books for Kids community, Children's Writers and Illustrators community, NZ Indie Authors community


Organisations that have or are coming together to support the material being developed and reaching families:

  • UNICEF NZ, Skylight Trust, Life Education Trust, Little Munich Black Book

General champions

People whose support is so strong, it is palatable:

  • Sam, Fiona, Carolyn, Kyra, Janet