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Sibling Wars

Sibling Wars! Managing Conflict

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Gretel's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Find out how Gretel's thinking changed...

Gretel found she could 'Fix-the-Fight' easier when she started listening to her feelings. Read about what she discovered after her 'Wake Up Wall' experience in her Fairytale Journal. 

The 'Fix-the-Fight' Team's Relationship Rules

Agreements that help keep the peace

By setting out how they will treat each other, Hansel and Gretel stunned their parents with less fights! You can do the same! Click here for a Hansel and Gretel themed template to make one of your own!   

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Hansel's Top Tips for Managing Anger

Hansel learnt to stop his anger, before he gets angry!

  • LISTEN - When we listen to ourselves we can talk to and about our feelings. See Gretel's Fairytale Journal above for an explanation! 

  • BREATHE - When we notice we are getting angry, we can focus on controlling and slowing our breathing. It helps!

  • SOLVE IT - We can focus on solving the problem, instead of on the problem itself. 

  • GET AWAY - We can politely remove ourselves from the situation. Exercise can help!

  • BE PREPARED - We can choose healthy actions in advance for moments when we feel like we are getting angry e.g. saying 'take it easy' on repeat. 

How to stop a fight before it starts!

Questions to keep conversations going

Pick a question and get talking!

  • Do you think that you are good at managing conflict? Why? Why not?

  • Do you think conflict is always bad?

  • What are some of the upsides of conflict?

  • Have you ever felt disappointed because you missed out to avoid conflict?

  • Are there any conflicts at the moment that you would like to chat about?

  • Is there someone who you think manages conflict well?

  • What things drive you absolutely nuts?

  • What do most of your fights seem to be about?

  • What do you think it means to be thick-skinned? Do you think you are?

  • Have you ever regretted getting angry? Why?

  • What things work for you when you are in a fight and want to cool down?

  • What is something you'd like to try to manage your anger?

  • Is there someone you think manages conflict poorly? What is your reaction? 

  • What would life look like if everyone managed conflict badly? 

  • What would like look like if everyone managed conflict well?

  • Do you have a strategy for what you will do in a conflict. Can I help with that?

Sibling Wars! Managing Conflict
Sibling Wars! Managing Conflict
Sibling Wars! Managing Conflict

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