Wise Trust

The Wolf in Disguise

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Follow the three little pigs as they learn to trust wisely!

The Big Bad Wolf is...


When the Big Bad Wolf returns with an apology and asks the three little pigs for dinner, the senseless pigs don't realise they are being invited to become HIS dinner!

Use this nail-biting Three Little Pigs retelling to kickstart a healthy conversation about how to trust wisely. 

Every parent wants to keep their child safe. Teaching children wise trust is a fantastic start! 

The imaginative and professional looking illustrations are created by an inspiring and upcoming NZ illustrator, a child! 

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Phoebe Leenhouwers started illustrating ‘A Wolf in Disguise’ when she was just 12 years old. She designed everything - from what the characters should look like, to storyboarding, to sketching ideas, to final illustrations. She even learnt to draw digitally!

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Phoebe is inspiring. She inspires children to give things a go by showing them that kids can do incredible things when they put their mind to it! 

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Wise Trust Resources

Have richer conversations about growing wise trust. Click on the images below to download a PDF for personal or classroom use. 

  • Classroom Guide

  • Pig Three's Fairytale journal

  • Discuss and debate questions 

  • Wise Trust Worksheets

  • Trust Circle Template

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'The Wolf in Disguise' Classroom Guide - packed with teaching ideas

Pig 3's Fairytale Journal

Discuss and debate

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Safety team worksheet

Secrets worksheet

Trust circle worksheet

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