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Story Extras
Trip Trap Trouble

Join Big Billy Goat Gruff as he sets out on a mission to find the greenest side, and launch a conversation that will make you all happier!  


The Gratitude 'Great Debate' 

Would you be happy with socks?

Watch our debate launcher and have a debate of your own! 


Big Billy Goat's Fairytale Journal (spoiler alert - ready the story first!)

Big Billy Goat finally finds something to be thankful for! 


The quest for the greenest grass didn't turn out quite as Big Billy Goat expected. He learnt his lesson and the value of gratitude.


Create your own gratitude list

Take the gratitude challenge!

Big Billy Goat thought of 10 things that he could be grateful for. Can you beat that? Better still, can you top 20? Use this gratitude list template, or you can make your own. 


Create a different ending for the story!

Suggest an ending...

What else could the Troll have done? Who were the scientists really? And what will Big Billy Goat do about the greenest grass?

Katie would love to hear your creative ideas! You can message her your fun ideas by clicking here

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Questions to keep conversations going

  • Do you find it easy to find things to be grateful for?

  • What are some of the things you feel most thankful for?

  • What things do you find it hard to be thankful for? 

  • Who inspires you with their attitude of thankfulness?

  • What would life look like if you could never see the good in situations?

  • Have you ever had someone’s mood draw you down?

  • Have you found that sharing your things makes your more thankful for them?

  • What is something that you can do or think when others may not feel grateful?

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