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Talking with kids about important topics can get tough at times.
We want to make it easier for you. 

Fans are saying:

"Everyone needs a playful way of approaching life and Katie knows how to keep it fun and just what helps us with our emotional growth and mindset. Simply awesome!."
Jenny Hale, Senior Family Coach and Presenter, Parenting Place

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Over 350
5-star reviews on 

"Author Katie Pye delivers important messages for children’s development wrapped up in the warmth of a delicious fairytale,”  
Skylight CEO, Anthony de Rose.

"The author and illustrators have produced something unique, that both teaches and entertains."
Former teacher and school principal. 

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"Values are something that is sorely lacking in society today. This book (and series) helps gently nudge children into inspecting on how their behaviors impact others. I will be recommending this to our school district to add to our existing socio-emotional learning curriculum!"
    - Megan J, Amazon.com verified review

"One of the best ways for kids to internalize appropriate behavior is through listening to an engaging story. What a great way to use a familiar fairytale and adapt it in a new and fresh way. "
    - Kristine Zimmerman, Readers' Favorite - Awarded Sibling Wars 5-star review

Fun Stories

Well-crafted fun stories that start conversations.  

Meal Mats

Have dinner with a difference.


Themed family challenges and activities.

Fun Deck

Fresh ideas for connecting as a family.

Get started into a conversation about:

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  • Asking for help

  • Managing conflict

  • Coping with change

  • Listening to others

  • Having empathy

  • Growing gratitude

  • Getting on with tasks

  • Being safe online

  • Trusting wisely


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Natural conversation starters...

Get started into a conversation while learning that our favourite fairytale characters have their struggles, just like we all do! 

  • Rapunzel hates chores

  • Big Billy Goat Gruff always wants the best

  • Hansel and Gretel fight all the time

  • The Little Red Hen struggles to ask for help

  • King Dumpty struggles with change

... and there's more!​

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... that are research driven

We've drawn on research into resilience, emotional intelligence, and social and emotional learning to create our resources. 

For an idea, see our 'Behind the Scenes' sections below - included with each of our stories.

The latest...

Click the image below to enjoy Katie's conversation tips, published in New Zealand's Totstoteens magazine. 

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Please bear with us! 

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Meet Katie

Hi! I'm Katie. I'm a mum, author, parenting ally, mental health enthusiast, and the creator of Fairytale Fraud.

I write because I love writing. But I've created Fairytale Fraud because I want to support myself, my family and your family to grow strong, resilient kids.