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Join Big Billy Goat Gruff as he sets out on a mission to find the greenest side, and launch a conversation that will make you all happier!  

When Big Billy Goat Gruff sets out to find the greenest grass, his goat companions quickly become frustrated with his quest. Not to mention the poor troll stubjected to endless trip=trapping on the bridge overhead.


But it seems like nothing will stop this never-ending trip trapping search for better. Unless...

'Trip Trap Trouble' is a playful and entertaining story that will get you started naturally on a great conversation about gratitiude.

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Follow Big Billy Goat Gruff as he appreciates what he has.

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"That grass must be tasted,

not wasted, I say. 

I've seen it; I want it.

Let's set out today!"

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In this delightful new take on the classic fairy tale, follow both the three billy goats on the hunt for the truly greenest grass, and the long-suffering troll who just wants his peace and quiet back. Children will learn that it's best to be grateful for what you already have, rather than constantly being unhappy and wishing for something just a tiny bit better.

This book is a joy to read, with cute, appealing illustrations and rhyme scheme that's incredibly catchy and well-written. This would be a really fun one for parents to read aloud for story time with their kids, but kids would have just as much fun reading it themselves! Trip Trap Trouble is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it, and it would make an excellent addition to any child's bookshelf!

    - Katy Williamson, verified review

This book is AMAZING! The wonderful behind the scenes page making children reflect about gratitude is priceless!!! I will definitely check out more fairytale fraud exposed books.

    - Debbie Qui, verified review

Beautifully written book that kept our attention! My grandson (12) really enjoyed the surprise ending that prompted a healthy conversation about the lesson learned. We highly recommend this thought provoking story!

    - Kellie Carte-Sears, verified review


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From hearty questions to fairytale journals, printables to activity ideas, each Fairytale Fraud story is accompanied by a host of resources to keep kids talking! 

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