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Join Big Billy Goat Gruff as he sets out on a mission to find the greenest side, and launch a conversation that will make you all happier!  

Trip Trap trouble - Parenting tools - Converation with kids - Fairytale Fraud - Katie Pye - Headstart thinking -

Follow Big Billy Goat Gruff as he learns to appreciate what he has.

When Big Billy Goat Gruff sets out to find the greenest grass, it seems like nothing will stop his never-ending search for better. Unless...

Help your kids grow in gratitude with this playful and entertaining Three Billy Goats Gruff retelling. 

Growing Gratitude

Trip Trap Trouble

Trip Trap Trouble troll.png

Get started into a conversation about:

  • the lure of wanting the 'best'

  • noticing and appreciating what you have

  • the impact on others' when we are dissatisfied

  • the risk of always searching for better

Trip Trap Trouble - Parenting tools - Converation with kids - Fairytale Fraud - Katie Pye - Headstart thinking -

Fans are saying...

"Trip Trap Trouble plays into the concept of being grateful for what you have, which is good lesson material for small children. It allows parents to open a discussion (it even has discussion points in the back of the book) in a positive way. The story is written in clever, humorous rhyme and the artwork is excellent. Trip Trap Trouble by Katie Pye is a good recommendation for children ages 4 and up, and perhaps older ones who struggle with gratitude."
    - Bruce Arrington, Readers Favorite - Awarded 5-star review

"This book is a joy to read, with cute, appealing illustrations and rhyme scheme that's incredibly catchy and well-written. This would be a really fun one for parents to read aloud for story time with their kids, but kids would have just as much fun reading it themselves! "
    - Katy Williamson, verified review

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"Another brilliant instalment in the series. A fun story about learning how to settle for what you have and that the grass is, in fact, not always greener on the other side. The ending was unexpected and hilarious.   

- Nicki G, verified review

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Keep the momentum!

Keep the conversations going with these gratitude-themed resources, designed to grow family fun and connection while tapping into the fairy tale magic!

Meal Mats

Have dinner with a difference using a gratitude-themed 'Meal Mat'. 

Gratitude pack

Set out on a family mission to grow gratitude, with challenges, activities, templates and printables

Free resources

Click on the images below to download a FREE PDF for personal or classroom use. 

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Daily Gratitude List - Trip Trap Trouble - Fairytale Fraud - Author Katie Pye - Three Bill
Gratitude Questions - Trip Trap Trouble - The Three Little Pigs Retelling -  - Fairytale F

Big Billy Goat's Fairytale Journal

A fun way to illustrate to children the value of journalling! Meet Big Billy Goat again, as he comically reflects on the importance of appreciating what you have. 

'Trip Trap Trouble' Classroom Guide

Ready made ideas for introducing the book into your classroom.

Gratitude List Template

Inspire your child into practicing gratitude with a story-themed gratitude list template.

Conversation starters

Discuss these gratitude-themed conversation prompts. 


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