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Coping with Change

Breaking News!

Breaking news - Humpty Dumpty - Parenting tools - Converation with kids - Fairytale Fraud - Katie Pye - Headstart thinking -

Follow King Dumpty's journey as he learns to cope with change. 

As rumours of Humpty Dumpty's fall off the wall spread throughout Eggsville, the change-fearing King Dumpty tries hard to keep it a secret. 

Talk to kids about coping through change with this fun 'Humpty Dumpty' retelling.

  • the inevitability of change

  • our differences in facing change

  • emotions that accompany change

  • positive ways of thriving through change

  • being yourself

Get started into a conversation about:

Breaking News - Humpty Dumpty - Parenting tools - Converation with kids - Fairytale Fraud - Katie Pye - Headstart thinking -

Fans are saying...

What if Humpty Dumpty’s fall from the wall was only the beginning of his adventure, rather than the end? Told in rhyme, this alternate history of Humpty Dumpty’s great fall makes change look like an adventure instead of something to fear ... (it) is a story children will want to read more than once.   

- Lois J Wickstrom, Readers Favorite - Awarded 5-star review

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 2.38.23 PM.png

The Fairy Tale Fraud books are quickly becoming my favorites! All of these stories, including this one, flow so well, I love reading them. They are so nostalgic and it’s so fun to hear the different perspective!. 
    - Ashly C, verified review

This fun comedic spin on the old nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, was a great find! Not only are the rhyming verses well-written but the story cleverly incorporates mindfulness, inclusion, adopting change, and becoming self-confident in our differences. Great for children and adults alike!
    - Toby Williams, verified review

Keep the momentum!

Keep the conversations going with these changed-themed resources, designed to grow family fun and connection.

Meal Mats

Have dinner with a difference using a changed-themed 'Meal Mat'. 

Change pack

Support your family through change with challenges, activities, templates and printables

Free resources

Click on the images below to download a FREE PDF for personal or classroom use. 

Breaking News - Fairytale Fraud Journal
Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.45.09 AM.png
Fairytale Fraud - Breaking News - A Humpty Dumpty Retelling about Coping with Change - Katie Pye
Change Questions - Breaking News - Humpty Dumpty Retelling -  - Fairytale Fraud - Katie Py

King Dumpty's Fairytale Journal

A fun way to illustrate to children the value of journalling! Meet King Dumpty again, as he comically reflects on dealing with change.

'Breaking News' Classroom Guide

Ready made ideas for introducing the book into your classroom.

Change Chart

Support your child through change with a story-themed change chart.

Conversation starters

Discuss and debate with these change-themed conversation prompts. 

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