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Ready for Rescue?

Think you've seen messy?

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Follow Rapunzel's journey as she learns to get on with unwanted tasks

'Ready for Rescue?' is a playful and entertaining story that will get you started naturally on a great conversation about healthy hygenie and getting on with it. 

After enduring morning to night mess for years on end, the frustrated witch packs her bags and makes to leave. Alas, sweet-faced Rapunzel uses her newfound freedom to take her messiness to new extremes!

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Get started into a conversation about:

  • hygiene and it's importance

  • procrastination and it's costs

  • how to get moving on tasks

Fans are saying...

"This book has it all. Great story written in well thought out rhythm & rhyme and the illustrations were a perfect match. I will definitely be getting all the Fairytale Fraud books after reading this."
    - CM Healy, verified review

"Fun book with great meaning of finding joy in the seemingly boring tasks! Great connections can be discussed by both teachers and parents!"
    - Lindsay R, verified review

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Keep the momentum!

Keep the conversations going with these momentum-themed resources, designed to grow family fun and connection.

Meal Mats

Have dinner with a difference using a procrastination-themed 'Meal Mat'. 

Learn More

Gratitude pack

Set out on a family mission to go for your goals, with challenges, activities, templates and printables

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Free resources

Click on the images below to download a FREE PDF for personal or classroom use. 

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Rapunzel's Fairytale Journal

A fun way to illustrate to children the value of journalling! Meet Rapunzel again, as she comically reflects on the importance of getting on with it. 

'Ready for Rescue?' Classroom Guide

Ready made ideas for introducing the book into your classroom.

Reward Chart Template

Inspire your child into action with this story-themed reward chart template. 

Conversation starters

Discuss and debate with these gratitude-themed conversation prompts. 

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Connected Fairytale Fraud Stories!

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After a long and fruitless search for Rapunzel, the lonely witch shifted into a cottage in the woods. You will meet here there in:

'Sibling Wars' - our Fairytale Fraud about healthy conflict with quarrelsome Hansel and Gretel

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'Jack's Giant Problem' - our story about empathy and considering others with thoughtless Jack

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Meet Rapunzel's hero! Tidy Rapunzel was delighted to be eventually rescued by an incredibly brave young knight, who happened to be a princess to boot!

Our brave hero wasn't always confident! You'll find out about her journey to self confidence in Shoes to Shine, our Fairytale Fraud version of Puss N Boots, due to release 2022/3. 

Meet our other topics

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Asking for help

Getting moving!

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Healthy conflict

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