Fairytale Journals

The fairy tale characters have been journaling and you can read their reflections!

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Get more from the story ... 

Best enjoyed after the story, let the children's favourite fairy tale characters demonstrate the value of journaling, reflection, self awareness and learning from our experiences!

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Meet the characters again!

Read journals penned by your favourite fairy tale characters.
Simply click on the link below. 

  • Hansel journals about fighting with Gretel

  • Emperor Boxham journals about learning humility

  • The Little Red Hen journals about asking for help

  • King Dumpty journals about coping with change

  • Rapunzel journals about getting on with it

  • Big Billy Goat Gruff journals about his hunt for the best

  • Jack journals about meeting the giant and learning empathy

  • Prince Zac journals about his phone addiction

Now start journaling too!

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Journaling has been found to help boost moods, grow well-being, and be supportive through difficult times. Give it a try!

Start a regular journaling practice or use our Fairytale Fraud Journal template to process struggles, as they arise. 

Watch this space!

A range of journaling templates are being designed. Join the Fraud Squad below to hear when they have been released.