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Monthly mission 

OCTOBER: Our easy, no fuss, monthly focus on 'getting on with it.'

Congratulations on joining our October Monthly Mission! Get ready to ditch procrastination and 'get on with it' in October!

Below you will find all the printables and resources to help make your mission much more fun! Simply click on the link!

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Just remember...

Miss a day

...or lose your way?

That's okay!

  • Go at your own pace

  • Everything in your Monthly Mission is optional.

  • You can pop out and in again at any time.

  • Have fun with the kids along the way!

AND... please let us know what is and is not working. This is a pilot. Your input is really appreciated!

You can reach Katie by clicking here.

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Have you asked someone to join you?

There is nothing quite like a bit of accountability to keep us on track!


Make the Monthly Mission more fun by hitting up your friends and family to do it too! It's fun competing and learning alongside other families. 

Interested in our books!

You don't need to have read a single Fairytale Fraud to join a Monthly Mission, but if you are interested in checking them out, you can do so here!

You can see the series and grab your books on Amazon here.

You can see the series our other books on this website by clicking here

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