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The Wolf in Disguise

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The big bad wolf is BACK!

Can the three little pigs escape this time, or will they end up as dinner?

The Wolf in Disguise comes with 'Behind the Scenes' extras that support children to make wise decisions about who to trust.

Note: this book will be publicly released in early December 2021 and sent to you immediately on release.

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Every book includes 'Behind the Scenes' conversation fodder, with extra themed resources available on the Fairytale Fraud website. 

Fans are saying...

"One of the best ways for kids to internalize appropriate behavior is through listening to an engaging story. What a great way to use a familiar fairytale and adapt it in a new and fresh way. "
    - Kristine Zimmerman, Readers' Favorite - Awarded Sibling Wars 5-star review

"I’m always on board for a fun book that teaches my child something of value rather than be pure entertainment. . "
    - Shannara, Goodreads review

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